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that's all I can say
RT @Salvesayson: Sometimes, all i need is for you to be there. but even then, you still disappoint me. #ALDUB79thWeeksary
RT @kerperner: Heyyyyy but all I want is someone who will just show up. Iss not a lot
RT @Iunacy: all i wanted for Christmas was to have someone in my life that was actually there for me & to actually be happy for once lol oh well i guess
give it all i got // kodak >>> is my favorite 😭
RT @MiddleEastEye: In empty eastern Aleppo: 'All I hear in this deserted, destroyed street, in this deserted, destroyed area in a ruin… https://t.co/pAeto4WxCN
"Don't lie to me, all I want's the truth. Inside of me, I think I'm losing you" - You've Changed by Ollie
RT @Queen: All I wanna do is travel... ✈️
RT @imcharliesantos: all i wanted was you
RT @__ckillem: Days like this, all I wanna do is stay in bed ☹️🌧
RT @srsIydeep: all i want is a clear mind & happy heart.
RT @srsIydeep: all i want is a clear mind & happy heart.
RT @SIeazed: All i really want right now is a peace of mind
RT @srsIydeep: all i want is a clear mind & happy heart.
anyway night night! I love my Armys except those snake ass "jarmy" bitches who used the hate # y'all can choke for… https://t.co/73DXTOOzCE
❤❤❤#Fashion #Celebrity Kelly Clarkson-All I Ever Wanted NEW (#CD/#DVD Deluxe Limited Edition) [2009,… https://t.co/CDqLx1wV2M
Brits:The lack of stout doyens of musical theatre shames us all. I would therefore like to see @mrmichaelball installed as host forthwith
@marclamonthill just watched the video on the "national diversity coalition for trump" all I gotta say is thank you for standing up.
RT @Jeep_Life: Teal is all I need in 2017. 😍🔥 https://t.co/vGT8JR4wlO
RT @Mary_Muk: Can women have it all? I believe they can. Do you? #wef17 #fightinequality @FemnetProg @FatumasVoice @ActionAid https://t.co/RXep4Y9KnD
RT @disneywords: I need to know, but right now all I can do is guess. –Candace (Phineas and Ferb)
RT @karrueche: Don't play games and don't waste my time. All I ask.
RT @srsIydeep: all i want is a clear mind & happy heart.
All I ask of you is try to earn my memory. Make me remember you, like you remember me. https://t.co/QYl57WSVMz