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All I can ask is how
RT @durnkposts: “Drinking isn’t cute” First of all, I thought you’d be cute after I downed a couple but I was wrong too
RT @TiaaGuwop_: I grieve by not grieving at all. I try my best to keep my mind off of things that hurt me. I’m not sure if that’s h… https://t.co/HKaErnuVSJ
RT @King_Dwb4: I got fucked over so many times in my life , shit don’t even bother me no more , that’s all I be use to now is disa… https://t.co/v19255xn7i
RT @smiledolxn: the fact that they KNEW their dad only had a week to live and they STILL uploaded for us. they put US before anythi… https://t.co/Q00KyQqTOP
RT @DIAL1611: @Paine_Version39 @FuctupLOL It’ll be some bad days ahead if that is Sara is all I can say👌🏻
@RainingTea23 *The Asian's attention goes back to the blond, he opens his mouth to say something but instead he end… https://t.co/w6jDON0m8x
@AlaskaAir They rushed everyone to get back in the plane and told us 20 mins to leave. You guys need to get your th… https://t.co/MeMBoyE7fY
@ColonelCasperUK All i hear him saying in his last video is "follow me", "stay with me" " i need money" like a chea… https://t.co/LMT1wgDxj0
@Haso_112 @_SJPeace_ This is all I currently know of the situation so yes, I am basing my judgments and questions e… https://t.co/l132hoSvkw
RT @MorrisMandevil1: @mitchellvii @anthony5505 The media has been damaged the day president Donald Trump was elected I watched CNN back… https://t.co/BSkT3mnJHa
RT @MaraliGrace: "I don't have to tell people I'm great.... all I have to do is show up because my presence is enough." Dang, Ms. Iy… https://t.co/9r2bEN2cRz
RT @abbiii_ryan: All i do when I’m alone is watch pregnancy announcements and cry. 😂😂😂 why am i like this. i wanna be a mommy
RT @JOONSMIND: Y’all I’m screaming’jdjdjdd french twitter use a space to mention white people and I was confused for the longest b… https://t.co/M2tZZy47uA
RT @OhBitchProblems: “We used to to talk” First of all, I was bored
RT @blkbihifa: no one: Y’all: “I’m going to take a break from social media shit hasn’t been the same if you need me text my number 😩”
RT @PETTYMAMII: All I do is stay home , listen to music , make snaps , eat , sleep and watch Netflix
Forgot to tell y’all I accidentally got enigma tickets while intoxicated the other night https://t.co/jHXaQjjW9X
RT @LiaTianna: Y’all .. I’m scared these might be my vows when I get married .😂 https://t.co/rUuphQDzy7
RT @wenrisus: i literally have no words for this all i can say is that if she slapped me i’d down my knees thanking her https://t.co/BnP6YnBL8f
RT @TheCakeChancery: Your retweets is all I ask for 🙏🙏🙏🙏.. This is my hustle/only source of income Someone on your TL might need our se… https://t.co/ExTUjXQtZ8