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RT @heyjenbartel: Trying to get work done and all I hear are dramatic sighs, look down and these two are merging into one creature 😑 https://t.co/8HVYuwaAvK
RT @sphenefan: @52_ian @JohnEdwards33 who wants a leader who lies to his party ,Tony Blair .i am a socialist and have been since i… https://t.co/E0s6Jlcc96
But most of all I learned about how fans of sports become tribal about their favorite team (called homerism). Users… https://t.co/yfYnHZ1FS0
All I wanna do is talk to you 😶
RT @marymarche_: all i drink is water, i be going through bottles like crazy.
RT @Floppy_Jaloppy: PT 1 - I wanna do SOMETHING with everyone somehow. All I've come up with is to meet up online via Discord, Facebook… https://t.co/Vu0hqvj4oK
@NoWomanNoLie Naaa it’s eyelashes, I didn’t even ask for a refund all I wanted was for her to put infills
RT @smokexrz: *alguém* - vc tá bem?? - sim *no spotify* all i want - Kodaline
I’ve been off work since Monday. Today was the only day I felt relaxed. Now all I can think about is going back to… https://t.co/zayiCfCoyR
RT @fsaskrn: Hey y’all I have a serious question , who heals the healer?
RT @Asphalt_Rubber: It’s just after midnight in Valencia right now, just ahead of the #Ducati #PanigaleV4 launch, and all I can hear is… https://t.co/zSqysPXdYq
But the bingsu...... dude it's...... ok you know what for ceo-nim, take my money, take it all i dONT EVEN NEED IT TAKE IT
@mulierpericulo None? No medicine at all? “I have some painkillers, if you want—.” He’s trYING.
@Teresa_Cerise 😂😂 that's all I could think watching it!!!
hey y’all i’m selling my super cute prom dresses... if anyone is interested DM me and i’ll send you more pictures,… https://t.co/b8UHTbgH54
RT @FreddyAmazin: Kim Kardashian named her daughter Chicago West and all I can think of is https://t.co/emtwgMGovk
A single tear is all i ask