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Our mantra everyday when the bell rings. At first I had push back b/c I think they thought it was silly. Now they a… https://t.co/cUX9I5yCTw
I am blessed and I thank You for every day and for everything that happens to me. I may not be where I want to be,… https://t.co/OT484Y0H0J
#ChanchalAbhay बेहतर है बेपरवाही🔸सवाल ख़त्म ही नहीं होते बचपन में कब तक खेलोगे❓उम्र के कुछ सोपान चढ़े नहीं की क्या… https://t.co/LQPnsRxq9Q
La pasta con carne molida se ha vuelto uno de mis imprescindibles en mi vida de soltera! #everyday #nadiesequeja
#Everyday is a struggle especially trying to be the best you can be to be more relevant in society.
RT @YoonYoonTonic: 🎁YoonTonic 응원부채 무료배부 안내🎁 다가오는 8월19일 콘서트에서 승윤응원 부채를 무료로 배부합니다 배부 장소 및 시간은 당일 트위터를 확인해주세요! 🎀트위터 팔로우 + 본 트윗 RT필수 🎀선착… https://t.co/FFrTVSUD8f
@JonHeyman for some reason players seem to be punished for playing DH and or reliever.. the fact of the matter is,… https://t.co/1xY5vofvkX
RT @cherrsee_lena: 今日は最後のリリースイベント!終わりました 😭🙏🏻 本当にお疲れ様でした。皆んな本当にありがとうございます。本当にx10000 サランヘヨ ! 関西!名古屋にまた来ます!私達を待っください💋🦄 #約束ね #everyday… https://t.co/GP8UuRpUSI
RT @SuperBaston: Had a absolutely blast at my -favorite event of the Christmas Holiday... 2018 Shop with a Cop🎄💙 #communitypolicing… https://t.co/Nh3MxBKzof
Which Class Period will win the Attendance Wars? #attendancematters #EveryDay@HarlanIsSWEET https://t.co/plQY8ZjLDg
RT @SuperBaston: Thank you to the Red Sox organization for sending both the Red Sox & the Paw Sox mascots to the 3rd Annual Holiday… https://t.co/sGcvJDswZL
RT @anila_dano: Repeating motto on a daily basis helps rewire your subconscious mind to feel more positive. #feelpositive… https://t.co/SM7L7dJv3E