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RT @Jason_Ribeiro: "This organization structure innovation makes @UCalgary IT teams unique in terms of customer support, infrastructur… https://t.co/oboCqDQqbH
Here’s my learning for today: “Great teaching that results in learning isn’t magic, it’s diligence.”When a lesson i… https://t.co/fU5pcOFfSA
RT @jeffhiseredu: Regardless of our roles as educators, every adult in the building has the privilege and opportunity to make a diffe… https://t.co/AP8RdqjNQ4
RT @MindShiftKQED: "Kids react when the curriculum isn't speaking to their experiences or to the things that really matter to them. Th… https://t.co/4scUnRzgpw
Is Chronic #Anxiety a Learning Disorder? - Scientific American Blog Network #edchat #higheredchat #phdchathttps://t.co/cNGYJJbJmR
RT @MindShiftKQED: The most important things to look for is how the adults interact with children. You want to see them engage with ch… https://t.co/wKwRe5TiHP
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RT @MindShiftKQED: Sometimes a parent's determination to give a child the best possible start becomes the very thing that gets in the… https://t.co/HR3gACi1Bd
RT @AhraniLogan: It’s never too late to do @GWR stuff in class, or beyond the classroom. #edchat #education #teachergoals #parents https://t.co/C9dIrnYor0
RT @drmarciatate: It’s important we remember where these boundaries are. Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to face the new w… https://t.co/Xwl0OvpGJk
The Presidential Election Resource Pack - https://t.co/4drp6GFT6I #education #edchat
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RT @russeltarr: Classroom idea: "Sticky Notes for Silent Presentations" #edchat https://t.co/OZYcMJ9HcP https://t.co/7JNJ71ojjT
@UTKCEHHS @TNREA Having gotten our start in a #rural ed system, this is GREAT news! Congratulations!! 😄📈🎓🎉 #rootshttps://t.co/OwvgtdTPbj
RT @MindShiftKQED: On the #MindShiftPodcast, we discuss the tension between the parental need to help children get ahead in life, and… https://t.co/2Dx7hUPEbp
Keyword: "Confirmation Bias" - Seeking out information that aligns with a person's preconceived notions and beliefs… https://t.co/pU1CI4P50y
RT @teacherchalky1: FREE 1-9 AQA GCSE Physics (Science) Equation Scrabble Games https://t.co/ERMlYT7itt via @TesResources #ukedchat… https://t.co/6LHwebkV4n
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