Tweets about a recent trend: #Dumbquestions

Is Furby short for Fur Baby???? This just hit me and it is melting my brain #furby #dumbquestions
"What do you mean it doesn't have batteries?" #dumbquestions
Dear customer service, please stop asking for permission to access my account if I am the one who initiated to call to you. #dumbquestions
Not sure who the genius for @mashable is doing interview on @periscopeco but really?? #dumbquestions
@abernoldi @novamixradio Uh, yo estoy en Santa Fe y Scalabrini, qué onda acá? #dumbquestions.
@chriswotton Surely, there's a more efficient/effective manner than this? #dumbquestions @ToniMontana007 @RichardBarrow
?? IDK the tweet I quoted maybe ? It's true... #dumbquestions https://t.co/GLAP37byuI