Tweets about a recent trend: #dontyouhateitwhen

#dontyouhateitwhen you realize the hash tag you were gonna use is only be used by someone who is posting about their identity crisis.
RT @DontYouHateItWh: When people stare at you for longer then 5 seconds... #Dontyouhateitwhen
RT @DontYouHateItWh: When you'r mom tell you to clean you'r room... #Dontyouhateitwhen
RT @DontYouHateItWh: When people text you and when you call them you get "no answer".. #Dontyouhateitwhen
RT @DontYouHateItWh: #Dontyouhateitwhen Someone post a ugly picture of you...
RT @DontYouHateItWh: #Dontyouhateitwhen For some reason, the smartest kids in the class always think they're gonna fail before taking a test.
RT @DontYouHateItWh: #Dontyouhateitwhen You're in the car, and you look at the people in the car next to you, and they're already looking at you.
RT @DontYouHateItWh: #Dontyouhateitwhen You're wearing sweatpants & you have no pockets So you put your phone on your waist & and slides down your leg.
#dontyouhateitwhen you're in a good mood, and then someone has to ruin it for you?