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Thanks to @joshuagates on #ExpeditionUnknown & #destinationtruth I know what my intro to cultural anthropology homework is talking about.
I love when #DestinationTruth goes to Ireland 😆🇨🇮
@erinRyder13 always seem teetering on the edge of complete mind loss in unsure situations..lol #DestinationTruth
@erinRyder13 Hi. Ryder i miss you. Please come back to my TV :) #DestinationTruth
RT @joshuagates: I'd love to! I keep in touch with the old #DestinationTruth gang, and a few of the crew work on #ExpeditionUnknown! https://t.co/UhOsSR8Fm1
Watching #DestinationTruth. Can't help but think that if a sea monster popped up to say hi, @joshuagates would 💩💩
#womancrushwednesday This awesome woman! @erinRyder13. Paranormal geek & junkie. Unique tough chick! #destinationtruth #chasingufos
I am still bothered there isn't 1 real portrait of Christopher Columbus. #underthegrid @joshuagates #destinationtruth
@naomigrossman You're the most lively interpreter ever! Loved it! "You know a dog, when you know a dog. This wasn't a dog" #destinationtruth
@joshuagates It's Probably Unhealthy How Excited I Get When I Watch A #destinationtruth Marathon. 💜 This Show!
@netflixhelps Does this mean @netflix will add #destinationtruth again?ALL 5 seasons? DT cxld in 12'. I will start a petition. @DTonSYFYfans