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RT @studlani: The world does need more #Canada. Check out my blog about Canadians & their awesomeness. https://t.co/b0I1Fe6qog #CanadaDay #myTRU
RT @Canada: We love seeing Canadian pride from around the world – show us how you celebrate #CanadaDay! https://t.co/uKobBgVo0N
RT @JustinTrudeau: Celebrating #CanadaDay on the Hill – with tens of thousands of friends! https://t.co/27RCws8Kd2
RT @southpawbevco: Check @LCBO store 306 in Fenelon Falls, #heroesbeer is this weeks staff pick #canadaday https://t.co/VV6YIK8FaT
RT @southpawbevco: Check @LCBO store 82 in Lindsay, #heroesbeer is this weeks staff pick #canadaday https://t.co/q398H8eozm
RT @MacleansMag: Hey, Canada — a present as you enter your 150th year! Laugh, cry, sing + marvel: https://t.co/fRRCQHqtok #CanadaDay https://t.co/mlK2BlTzk4
RT @Jeevious: .@Canada yo fam happy birthday respect for the free health care & not having Donald Trump ❤️🇨🇦 #CanadaDay
Hotels are booking up fast & prices are high. Book an affordable vacation to celebrate #canadaday 150th birthday #rv https://t.co/Zv2BhzXR3e
RT @silentmoviegifs: Buster Keaton passing through the Rockies (The Railrodder 1965) #CanadaDay https://t.co/ZrciRxlMzG
RT @CanadaGooseInc: Nunavut to Newfoundland, every corner of this country is worth exploring. Where are you heading next? #CanadaDay https://t.co/URDsRtpjTy