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@BNTMUK gutted to hear #bntm UK is not going to have another series on Lifetime. Has it gone for good?? #bntm #bntmuk
Wenn die aus Brasilien kommt, soll die doch bei #BNTM mitmachen 😒 #GNTM
@hollyshortall I've had a former #ANTM And #BNTM contestant tell me I am the spit of Kris. 🤣🤣
RT @BNTMUK: On our 10th day of #xmas, we would like to thank @Missguided for not only being part of the incredible prize packag… https://t.co/jtet74U4CB
RT @BNTMUK: On the 11th day of Christmas, we would like to thank @PETAUK, who provided an extremely powerful photoshoot, right… https://t.co/rLWiPR4oYO
RT @BNTMUK: On our final day of #xmas we thought it would be good to thank those responsible for our amazing final:… https://t.co/w73mHxKIrT
RT @BNTMUK: It’s #modelmonday! We’re so proud of our @AlannahBeirne who is smashing it on #DWTSIrl! Did you see her last night?… https://t.co/33qnLUwjLp
RT @LifetimeTelly: 🔥🔥 Spoiler Alert 🔥🔥 We are still buzzing over the incredible #BNTM finale. Here are the best highlights, and you… https://t.co/NZKco5FX33
RT @BNTMUK: It’s FUN FRIDAY! And we’re excited for the weekend! It looks like some of our BNTM girls are having reunions this w… https://t.co/wvaDX1wFW6
RT @BNTMUK: It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY! Remember when the girls all had to model with kids for @KimberleyJWalsh’s @KimbaKidsUk ran… https://t.co/vIUXkvsUGY
RT @BNTMUK: It’s #trendtuesday! Did you see the Grammy’s on Sunday night? Well, early Monday morning by the time it was on air… https://t.co/Mc47OHtk9L
RT @BNTMUK: It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY! Here’s @kiramacleanx looking beauts BTS at the @Debenhams shoot in ep2. It’s when she had… https://t.co/XlJrcCJXdF
RT @BNTMUK: It’s STYLISH SATURDAY and this week we’re loving @Missguided’s new evening #dresses collection. Perfect for a… https://t.co/KhOkVLRIM0
RT @BNTMUK: It's MODEL MONDAY and we're impressed by the lovely @bntmvictoria who is supporting the new modelling agency… https://t.co/P7EagztsHh
RT @BNTMUK: It's THROWBACK THURSDAY! Remember the @Debenhams shoot, right back in episode 2? @shaunaghrose completely nailed th… https://t.co/5qK0f3DHA1
RT @BNTMUK: It's MODEL MONDAY! And check out these two beauties from Cycle 11! It's @LondonFashionWk and these lovely ladies ha… https://t.co/Cb9kQxSOIm
RT @BNTMUK: It’s #trendtuesday! Incredible @BAFTA awards on Sunday night! Once again, celebs looked amaze on the red carpet. Wi… https://t.co/QGSVpooDRE
RT @BNTMUK: It's THROWBACK THURSDAY! So many people are already thinking about getting into shape for the summer and then there… https://t.co/i0v9xIpEfs
RT @BNTMUK: It's TREND TUESDAY! With all the @FashionWeek going on everywhere, we thought we would take a look at what's going… https://t.co/0V0ScfQeN9
RT @BNTMUK: It's STYLISH SATURDAY! With @fhcmode still going on, we thought we'd share with you some of the street styles that… https://t.co/ht1gaSj6En
RT @BNTMUK: We always focus on the women here at #BNTM, but with the possibility that we will be having men join us on the show… https://t.co/Lx7BfWCmlY