Is there a difference between washing machines and satellite dishes - #Samsung thinks no... via #engadget
UPDATE: Pretty sure your satellite dish is about the fly off the roof
@KateySagal Married With Children was my favorite all time TV show.My favorite was when Al tried to put up the satellite dish on the roof !!
Fast delivery on Profigold Prov9010 Sky Hd Satellite Dish Freesat F Plug to F Plug Cable 10m £14.40, from TVCables
@LudoTC @BBCNews @BBCWorld I haven't got an aerial or a satellite dish, and I don't watch tv online. But thanks for your helpful advice.
RT @JA50NO1: The222v's satellite dish got an upgrade and the pelicans are flying around the map now : )
I hope this guy didn't bamboozle me by telling me I need a new satellite dish.
We had a leak in the bedroom ceiling last night. I did not see any damage to the roof unless it is the satellite di…
@LasertroutMedia @luisbaram Note the motorbike and satellite dish. Some nomads like modern living
@CourtTen_ I'm off wed-fri ,perks of bein a dish network satellite technician (:
☎ ขายด่วน Cyber Wideband 4×1 DiSEqC 1.0 Model 4x1W Premium Satellite Switch FTA Dish LNB…
RT @MultiNews: Hearst Grants Dish Temporary Extension
RT @MultiNews: Dish Completes EchoStar DBS Asset Transfer
@MikeHudema Strongly suspect the panel is to power satellite dish and the TV connected to it....
.@dish's Charlie Ergen admits #OTT is becoming a replacement for cable & satellite #cordcutting
My dad is upset.. the wind is blowing his satellite dish around.. signal goin in an out all pixelated lol #ygk #onwx #windstorm #onwind
@peterfeld every time I hear Chris Matthews say *let's play hardball* I turn the channel so fast I freeze the satellite dish!
RT @alkyyda: When Spice say "Kartel spin me likka satellite dish" Ah dis she mean????
@JacobAngevine @AyVoinchay @Tuckaa12 So has the Brotel after our satellite dish got stolen.
Audio Visual: Become a Satellite TV Technician/Installer job in Denver #jobstoday #jobs
03-02 Satellite dish on house roof. ##waldkraiburg...
@Artymanboro @BBCNews @BBCWorld Get rid of your TV aerial & satellite dish. That's how. (Also don't watch live TV over the web.)
.@XCOM when you look at a building rooftop and you wonder which satellite dish gives you more cover #xcom
The222v's satellite dish got an upgrade and the pelicans are flying around the map now : )