Tweets about a recent trend: #bieberfact

Justin has Kim Kardashian on speed-dial! And he also said: “I have her on BlackBerry Messenger and we talk all the time.” #BieberFact
Justin said "i wish i could have one big party where all my fans get together in one place." #BieberFact
During Justin’s concert in Ohio, it became dark and he said, “Wait, wait, wait guys! I’m stuck in a curtain!” #BieberFact
justin once said to the driver " Stop the car, I gotta go to my fan, she's crying " #BieberFact
Justin tricks the people on his tourbus to take him to mc donalds #Bieberfact
Justin never wants to hurt girls & the girl he marries, because he saw how hurt his mom was #BieberFact
Justin has a birthmark on his shoulder that has a shape of diamond #BieberFact
Justin once saw a beautiful fan but he couldn’t get her attention so he screamed "I’M NAKED” #BieberFact
Justin doesn't like girls who are too skinny. "I mean, I like meat on girls" #BieberFact
when Daniel Radcliffe said that he thought Justin was a woman, Justin said 'haha, by the way I slept with Hermione' #BieberFact
Justin once tried curling his hair as a joke and he said he looked like a girl. #BieberFact
Justin doesn't dream. He said - "I just fall asleep, see black & wake up." #BieberFact
during his 1st kiss, The Fray's How To Save a Life was playing in the background #JustinBieber #BieberFact
Justin thinks a girl's most noticeable feature is her eyes. #BieberFact
In an interview, Justin said that all his fans were his girlfriend #BieberFact
Justin considers his fans like his own friends. #BieberFact
Justin is getting sick of Sour Patch Kids, but is now starting to like Twizzlers. #BieberFact
He is very protective for her lil sister , Jazmyn #Justinbieber #BieberFact
Justin's ex girlfriends: 1.Caitlin beadles 2.Jacque(the girl in the school gyrls) 3.Rebecca 4.Shay (source:Justin bieber Zone) #BIEBERFACT
Justin has 2 teddy bears - one named Mr Bear and one named Willis #BieberFact
Justin feels at home when he plays the guitar. It reminds him of how he busked on the streets to where he is now #BieberFact