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#CardiB just surpassed #Beyonce with new Billboard record!! 😱😱😱 https://t.co/EQkhmvzrBV https://t.co/eoB4NmEYcf
Hey guys, ok so the the Re-Furb is taking a tad longer than expected - We will be done next week for sure! #Hiphophttps://t.co/Ta3SQaYK15
Too bad sponsors report 23 Million Former #NFL Fans missed UofMaryland’s Diggs & that Vikings win ~Thanks to THE Co… https://t.co/ZTnTKQzF4Q
LockChain Rolls Out Its #Beyoncé-based Booking Platform after Securing 100,000 Hotels https://t.co/wBUHxVSNzL
RT @ImShanaMangatal: Check this out. An old interview I found in Sister 2 Sister Magazine of #Beyonce talking, not too kindly, about… https://t.co/VMdUfVNZEO
Ed Sheeran was probably the kind of boy who the likes of Beyoncé and Eminem would’ve bullied, but because he’s abov… https://t.co/9owhxxI0xX
Op-Ed: Feminism’s High Fees are Forcing Companies to Optimize Their Interactions with #Beyoncé, And That’s a… https://t.co/0MyLg9UTdD
Keep it how it is so you can never think about how it used to be #Beyonce
Wooowww, Ireemplazable #beyonce es un himnoooooo