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@anthonyfjoshua great entrance too! Big respect to @Stormzy1 no better entrance. #betterthanme #shutup
Rate AJ more now that he's been made to eat some punches in a fight #betterthanme #shutup
Funny feeling stormzy is walking Anthony Joshua in tonight yanno 👊🏽🎤🎤#betterthanme
Sometimes when I look at Art, I feel like I am working at a Patrick Nagel level while everyone else is Picasso in this bitch. #betterthanme
Congrats to the little bro and bob for making team canada west. #yaksareproud #betterthanme haha @brindogboy @notBobby
Friday can't come soon enough. Who's ready for #betterthanme ?! https://t.co/gVYDA8GDwS
This chap seems to be doing some of the physio I have struggled with over the last 6 months. #betterthanme https://t.co/oXQHb01dEN