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Innerestin'. #BACKINTHEDAY I used to enjoy a hit or two before going on a long bicycle ride. I was a pioneer! https://t.co/lNwDvRlmYL
And speaking of #backintheday - I absolutely love the #Netflix original series #GetDown " a… https://t.co/ptQdu56d8l
My aunt always had the pink #toiletpaper in her bathroom #backintheday I wonder why they… https://t.co/jHYyDulGT6
#BackInTheDay I used to sit at these tables with my Grandmother. I was so hype because I knew… https://t.co/C3Kn4bk9fT
Watching the Flintstones in this episode Fred & Barney r having a bowling match. #BackInTheDay I used to have a bowling match with my VV fam
RT @bettylovell: .@darparsmith OK, since u sent me the pic of us w/@AuntieAnnes #backintheday I challenge you w/this one? Who is it? https://t.co/TasURbFeJn
Midnight munchies #backintheday I used to like Dunkin Donuts when they didn't come frozen ready… https://t.co/YmTWQJWkSD
@n8r0n74 BackInTheDay, I stood < 6 ft from Bill when he PROMISED that, if elected, he'd stop NAFTA. A cat that sits on a hot stove lid...
#backintheday I remember everybody wanted to mimic this beat on the table wit the their hands or… https://t.co/GffBbUrxTk