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Economically, consider all SWOTs as you plan to venture into any business plan! #econgrowth #askpaul
#AskPaul Q: We have extra money that we can invest or use to prepay our mortgages. Which is the smarter place... https://t.co/gsF4kXJxcz
@Lib30 Ach it'll be that girlie hormone shit guys don't understand. You know I'm right #askPaul Lolol 😂
#AskPaul #investing On August 17th did another Q&A session on Scutify Community - here are all the questions that... https://t.co/JsSeOn1n0r
Thanks for all your questions to @PFNicholls last night. We'll share the best bits throughout the day! #askpaul https://t.co/eWt8bbIWg5
Do most excited about when are yo getting a question for Mon Parrain #askpaul #gal.5:13
Paul Nicholls takes over @BetfairRacing so get thinking and #askpaul a question! https://t.co/C5Q45NJRnS
@BetfairRacing thanks. Always good to hear from you, very generous with your time. Good luck for rest of the season. #askpaul
@BetfairRacing paul are you dissapointed you havn't got a very good horse for mr wylie or maybe you do #askpaul
.@BetfairRacing What are Modus' plans? I have a theory that JP might like him for the Betfair Hurdle (see MTOY '13)If not, supreme? #askpaul
@BetfairRacing can douvan/ faugheen be beat at Cheltenham #askpaul
Everyone, thanks a lot for all your questions! We'll look to do something again before Cheltenham! #askpaul
@BetfairRacing what's happening with Dodge Paul? #askpaul
@BetfairRacing #askpaul who would you be most fearful of in the champion hurdle?
@BetfairRacing @PFNicholls #askpaul what plans with rocky creek and just a par
@BetfairRacing Which is your number 1 horse your aiming at the grand national this year?#AskPaul
@BetfairRacing I think it was you. If so, why were you in such a rush through the Club Enclosure on Saturday before the Caspian? #askpaul
@BetfairRacing paul has this season been the worst for you for horse injuries you seem to have had quite a few #askpaul