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@Louis_Tomlinson are you guys going to comeback soon? we miss you ): #AskLouis
Cover: Questions asked are Questions that get answered in the long run... slow release is good. #ThePlan -Why was t… https://t.co/xI3l1LKetR
RT @louis_tshakoane: What's your favorite business quote for 2018? Louis: “Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key… https://t.co/n4bQTWAH4I
RT @louis_tshakoane: Which quote can you dedicate to all the woman out there interested in starting a business but in need of that word… https://t.co/JczQEWvMPC
RT @louis_tshakoane: How did you create such a well known brand? Louis: People want to know my story and that's all I share with them. I… https://t.co/EOEXVV4S27
RT @louis_tshakoane: Why do you think 90% of small businesses fail in the first year? Louis: Because when times get tough many people qu… https://t.co/0MZ6woYQXZ
RT @louis_tshakoane: Do you consider yourself an outlaw? Louis: Despite popular belief. I have no desire to be infamous. Let alone to de… https://t.co/FR7jrbflDk
RT @louis_tshakoane: Why do you post pictures with cars? Louis: Cars in the African community are a sign of mobility, achievement & succ… https://t.co/mfZY4EfQzb
RT @louis_tshakoane: Do you think FOREX Trading is risky business? Louis: Any form of business has risk. Without risk it's not business.… https://t.co/jP5ellnwHt
RT @louis_tshakoane: Do you consider yourself a stubborn person? Louis: When God wants to prove a point using you just let Him. #AskLouis #UndercoverMillionaires
RT @louis_tshakoane: What do you do when competitors want to start beef with you or discredit you? Louis: Don't entertain a foolish pers… https://t.co/iI2gW83h5D
RT @louis_tshakoane: Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? Louis: Yes and No LOL I think there are definitely things that I do in a ce… https://t.co/8kNbU0FOTO
RT @louis_tshakoane: Do you give back to the community? Louis: Yes, I started my foundation for Undercover Millionaires from day one. I'… https://t.co/etXUJfPFUS
RT @louis_tshakoane: Name 1 Characteristic that you think is important for building a long lasting brand? Louis: Creativity! It's the li… https://t.co/yPSXvNwwzZ
@TBLightning Which goalie did you look up to when you were younger? #AskLouis