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RT @aquuarrius: #Aquarius will always treat you like a priority until you treat them like an option.
RT @AquariusQuotess: #Aquarius is unique
RT @AquariusUnite: You'll probably never know what's really wrong with #Aquarius. They have inner conflicts that sometimes they're just not willing to discuss.
RT @MSF_Sea: The #Aquarius has left port and headed out to international waters - calm seas now but some rough weather expected! https://t.co/uN6DpoQ6IX
RT @aquarius_siign: #Aquarius are great kissers.
RT @KabarAquarius: #Aquarius pribadi yg cepat melupakan masalah, sehingga mereka dapat lebih menikmati hidup
RT @AquariusQuotess: #Aquarius is a sign that is less likely to care what other people may think of them.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius don't like to rush into love, they like to take their time and figure out their feelings first.
RT @MSF_Sea: WATCH - 'Back to Hell', part 2 of @DerBenBode's video documentary on board the #Aquarius https://t.co/EXCpmXAn4t
RT @MSF_Sea: WATCH: 'Practise for an Emergency'- Part one of @DerBenBode's video documentary on board the #Aquarius… https://t.co/jbnJNsPihq
#Aquarius definitely have a "rebellious" reputation, only because they are very independent and have a mind of their own.
RT @HoroscopeDayCom: #Aquarius Don't miss Aquarius horoscope November 17th 2017 https://t.co/zi83fLG0d2 #horoscope #astrology
RT @aqquarrius: #Aquarius goes for quality over quantity, authentic over replica.
RT @TScpAquarius: #Aquarius #ZodiacPeople - Never try and patronize an Aquarius female, it will only backfire on you.
RT @AquariusUnite: An #Aquarius learns very quickly from people who give them examples and demonstrations.
#Aquarius goes for quality over quantity, authentic over replica.
RT @aqquarrius: #Aquarius are pro at sniffing out the bullshit.
RT @aqquarrius: #Aquarius always speak the truth whether you wanna hear it or not.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius don't wait. The time will never be just right.
#Aquarius like playing with toys & you may want to keep extra batteries on hand.
RT @AquariusUnite: Once an #Aquarius makes up their mind about ending a relationship, most likely it will be permanent.