Tweets about a recent trend: #Aquarius

RT @belangerjf: Parmi les 164 personnes secourues aujourd'hui en Méditerranée au large de la #Libye par l'équipage de l'#Aquarius,… https://t.co/OY8N6u6Ecs
RT @AquariussTweets: #Aquarius will do what they want to do whether you down with it or not.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius will often hold back their feelings to avoid hurting other peoples feelings.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius have tremendous charisma &amp the ability to wrap their head around even the most complicated ideas.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius love playing games &amp using their imaginations. Try stimulating them with a puzzle of some sort.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius looks for long meaningful relationships.
RT @aquabeings: #Aquarius at the people trying to tell them how to live: https://t.co/s8MaVA2eE4
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius are Independent and intellectual.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius want a relationship where they can just stay at home together instead of going out.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius enjoy being wooed &amp teased by their lover ?
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius will be genuine with you after you become open and honest with them.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius is always watching and examining the people around them. Noticing every detail.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius care about you, even though they don't necessarily show it in the most compassionate of ways
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius are great at piecing messages together and uncovering deception and propaganda.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius does not care how old you are, if you don't respect them they won't respect you.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius are so practical that they can appear emotionless and cold sometimes.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius is scary when they are MEAN.
RT @Alessandraylx: #Aquarius are spontaneous and are able to adapt to any circumstances
RT @AquariusQuotess: #Aquarius can smile and laugh even when they are burning and exploding from the inside!
RT @AquariusQuotess: #Aquarius think waiting for help is a waste of time. They do the shit themselves.
RT @AquariusQuotess: #Aquarius female is looking for a lover who is upfront and truthful and who doesnt play games.
No is never the answer I accept. Very determined always. #aquarius we be lit like to that. https://t.co/mVQ0mEcWDk
RT @MSF_Sea: BREAKING: The #Aquarius has just completed a rescue of 164 people, in coordination with @seaeyeorg, in internationa… https://t.co/Zxaj9sdGg8
RT @AquariusQuotess: #Aquarius gets is irritated when someone special in their eyes begins to act just like everyone else in the crowd.