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In de bus naar Heerenveen, vandaag gaan we de verjaardag van @romyruwaard vieren met leuke Bonbonnetjes en ik heb er zin in :D @colorbon
@mishacollins I love your work Misha I hope I get a chance to meet you one day. Destry Lewis- :-) Great Fan
RT @RomanAtwood: Oh man! She went down the hard way! Hahaha 😂. Today's vlog is Family! Lol. https://t.co/hhOfpzil4d thanks for all the shares and love :)
RT @ThePowerfulPics: Things you can do today to improve your life: 1. Trust in yourself 2. Be positive 3. Be kind 4. Show gratitude 5. Smile :)
RT @fouseyTUBE: replace the jealousy in your heart with happiness for other people and watch your life fill up with blessings. :)
Well, someone has to say it: The theme sucks! :-) #LDJAM
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@camilacabello97 Im proud of you my love 💝 It makes me so happy to see you happy doing what you love :) You deserve happiness always 💖
@Alwashi7i @aljarida اختلف معاك هالمره الرجال مطبق " كلاً عينه فالسما :) بس ان شاء الله يطلع ابو حمود ويتقمص دور بدر صفوق فالمشهد فقط 😉
@arch14_ الفجر لما شفت سنابه قلت علشان كذا عمر مدحه :)
@Dance10Jenna With all due respect, I only look at you :)
Saan kana? maulan e. kapag milako naka kekayu tuluy tamu. kapag alikapa ken nakapang bale @mariabebangg :)