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RT @thehill: GoFundMe campaign raises over $90,000 to cover Kavanaugh accuser's security costs https://t.co/GneDzs5GxW https://t.co/U0CeM0PsAT
RT @bradsjustmytype: The Humber Ports is the UK’s largest ports complex, handling one million passengers and 90 million tonnes of cargo… https://t.co/umLIyfg3y6
heeelp 85AE9E8A :Battle ID I need backup! Lvl 90 Neptune https://t.co/PuowP3UF1W
Cerca de 90 policiais militares participam de uma operação em conjunto com 420 militares das Forças Armadas, na reg… https://t.co/l4DQrqCi0n
RT @morip128: もりもとさん興奮どころじゃないくらい興奮して血圧上がりすぎてで倒れるかも https://t.co/ItO39IjVrZ
@DjMaRiiO_90 La tiene un poco grande
영화 자체의 짜임새나 영상미도 좋았는데 캐릭터들이 워낙 사랑스러웠어요. 90년대 후반에 개봉한 거라 모든 서사에 동의하지는 못하더라도 주체가 여성들이어서 보기에 힘들지 않아요. 그냥 행복을 빌어주게 되는 작… https://t.co/9C6dwLaODC
@ftale_90 Thanks! 😁😁
luckily his maid helped me count and made sure it was $6.90,,, if not i would probably messed up
When working anything above 90 this is what we are supposed to do but boss man said fuck a break chart 😂😂😂 https://t.co/s7iVY4u9sl
aND gave me the remaining $6.90 in cOINS like he literally took his wallet and emptied all his coins so i had to so… https://t.co/ApIBYhK9oj
RT @whiskeyload26: 명탐정코난 90+(슈퍼다이제스북)이 국내 발간되었습니다. 원작 81권과 90권까지의 스토리가 분석되었으며 캐릭터에 대한 Q&A도 수록되어 있습니다! 교보문고/yes24/알라딘에서 구매 가능합니다.… https://t.co/6xPfsf9hDD
so there was this kid paying for his own toy which was $16.90 and i was like awh how cute but then he gave me $10 in $2 notes
RT @realmadrid: 🏁 FP: @realmadrid 3-0 @ASRomaEspanol (@isco_alarcon 45', @GarethBale11 58', @marianodiaz7 90'+1'). #Emirates |… https://t.co/yp59E08YJ4
RT @kikakhj: Pls noted✍✨ Reproduce from Kstyle MV HOT/MV, NOT from Ranking! 📣Reproduction from Ranking won’t be counted 📣Reprod… https://t.co/OlKBqUf1h1
@BafGomis @Alhilal_FC see you there baby 💙💙💙
今日凄かったやつ 1.グラーヴェAJ(15個目のAJ) 2.登れミス1(AJしたいです) 3.害虫鳥S(腕痛い) 4.レートが14.90になりました 完 全 に レ ー ト 詐 称 https://t.co/6WgoihdNv3
RT @CarbonBubble: "More than 2,200 academic studies undertaken in the past 40 years examined the relationship between ESG factors & c… https://t.co/a7fE9pLiA7
RT @Vessoni: Momento ideal para relembrar Corinthians X Boca Juniors em 2013. Em 90 minutos: 2 gols mal anulados 2 pênaltis n… https://t.co/sNF2kssgpb
RT @bedroomflicker: How are u gonna call yourself a 1D update acc.. yet 90% of your posts are only about Harry and you either don't pos… https://t.co/yy7sVplsbw
RT @GossipGun: เลือกหนังรักยุค 90 ❤️ ที่คุณชอบมากที่สุด เราเลือก Notting Hill https://t.co/lybbTPYT1J
Africa is 90% prepaid re mobile phones - @MKaigwa
RT @JEGAFFI: رجعت لكم هالمرة بأختراع حلى صحي مجننووون 😍 الطعم تيراميسوو يااخي😋 و 150 سعرة بسس💃🎉 #تحدي_90_يوم #مجزرة_التخبيص https://t.co/cVzyKsQwJD