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RT @MareOT7: exactly DNA debuted at #85 on Hot 100 but later peaked at #67 because we kept working hard. So even if we don't deb… https://t.co/izPoXttmdX
Congrats to Matt Sorenson and Silas Pickhardt on advancing to sectionals in golf with 83 and 85 respectively to advance as individuals.
ありがとう!1周年! 『駒田徳広』とか、レジェンドが主役のプロ野球ゲーム! 一緒にプレイしよ!⇒ https://t.co/vHuCYBzVro https://t.co/XohFYCbQpO
T-28 (ポスティ・ユナ) ソ連が開発した多砲塔戦車。芬軍は冬戦争で二輌鹵獲し、44年の3月までにさらに四輌を鹵獲したようである。継続戦争では(無人の)T-34-85を撃破した記録もある https://t.co/p9amh6woEi
Pissed because everything at the vending machine at work is 85 cents and I only have 75.
RT @FrankLuntz: The aforementioned details were pushed for by House Democrats, and the bill subsequently passed with 360 votes. (ov… https://t.co/CDO3uaxcea
RT @susukin04: 데뷔앨범 3만장 싸이하누월 쪽팔려 하던 민슈가씨. 일년에 50만장 판다고 케이팝 카테고리에 넣기엔 사이즈가 다르다던 민슈가씨. 이제 발매 4일만에 약 85만장 팔아치운 기분이 어떠세요. 소감 적어서 뎀 좀… https://t.co/ynf01pCbhu
blue_mickeysl 今日の天気:曇のち雨 最高気温21度 ツイート数:2(前日比:-1) RTされた数:0(前日比:0) 送ったリプライ数:1(前日比:+1) いいねした数:-85(前日比:-102) いいねされた数:0(… https://t.co/ETwllOTAcV
Inter possui 85% de aproveitamento jogando no Beira-Rio em 2018. 9 vitórias 1 empate 1 derrota
Dolar 4.80 4.85 olmasını bekliyoruz. O zaman doları dört seksenbeş uzatcaz.
@BengalsTalk @CincyJungle Hard to believe 85 isn't healthy.... it's all about continuity
ありがとう!1周年! 『平野謙』とか、レジェンドが主役のプロ野球ゲーム! 一緒にプレイしよ!⇒ https://t.co/k6OTmfrgy6 https://t.co/4m7grQ7C6F
RT @yagizefe: Daha bu başlangıç. Çalıyor ama çalışıyor diyen Halkım https://t.co/hcJSrKJLEr
- لو يمنعوا الكعب عن بعض البنات تشوف شنط تمشي لحالها🚶. @izxxha_ @rahmapink_ @kle_shmo0o5_ @lilxiii7 @THEMESH10 @saw__85
RT @ponnnop: 今日の🤗に… #小松菜奈 #大泉洋 生出演‼️ 本日いよいよCDデビュー💿 King & Prince #髙橋海人 💛#岩橋玄樹 💗も 生出演‼️
RT @GabrielGasave: Argentina: En junio /85, se estableció que 0,80 centavos de Austral equivalía a 1 Dólar. En abril/91, se crea el Pe… https://t.co/NtaKifT55k
RT @stfuslutx: 85. ) this is never in vine threads THANK ME LATER https://t.co/R3ZrglWdf6