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@liviaqui Desde de 85 artistas d'en outros gêneros se apresentam no evento... 😜
RT @AntiBotsHN: El salario mínimo en Honduras oscila entre 5,869.79 lempiras a 10,078.48 lempiras dependiendo de la actividad de la… https://t.co/HGt5cetBq0
Train 85 is currently stopped due to a disabled freight train outside of Woodbridge (WDB). We will update as more i… https://t.co/kj55Qrk0kp
Oxente! O butijão de gás, agora vai custar R$ 85,00
@jcsolanet @TomsFernndezMa1 @niporwifi @Esparroqui Según los datos del gobierno vasco: 1.654 víctimas 31 toneladas… https://t.co/UJsp0QgB3Y
@haru17_85 お迎えありがとうございます~🙏💦 あなたのギルとクーちゃん可愛いです...☺️💕 フォロバ失礼しますね🤝
RT @robertayque: Y no vengan con que seguro los siervos de la nación se lo van a dar en la manita; este tuvo la suerte de salir en e… https://t.co/12cBL8xzlI
PHOENIX AZ Mar 19 Climate: Hi: 85 Lo: 59 Precip: 0.0 Snow: 0.0 https://t.co/YRiqsfRiBa
RT @mikeshinoda: Happy Birthday Chester. Miss you so much, buddy. ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥 What are you going to do to… https://t.co/ehStcVm3h5
RT @ToddFuhrman: Seeds to reach the #FinalFour since 84-85 1: 41.2% 2: 19.9% 3: 12.5% 4: 9.6% 5: 4.4% 6: 2.2% 7: 2.… https://t.co/ctjf7KKrox
Domestic violence: "85% of Australian women have been sexually harassed. 1 woman a week is killed @ the hands of cu… https://t.co/DulqdYbzX7
RT @lukaojotape: Depois ele mata geral ninguém entende nada! https://t.co/6LLq7jBCTH
RT @IFIBrasil: 8/11 Déficit do RGPS passou de R$ 85,8 para R$ 195,2 bilhões entre 2015 e 2018. https://t.co/mn6dCUPDQX
RT @Q13FOX: Dead whale found with more than 85 pounds of plastic bags in its stomach https://t.co/H5Oviw61x5 https://t.co/PIsWDbUFEG
るりちゃん(22) T:156 B:84(C) W:56 H:85 本日10:30出勤確定! 最速→出勤一番手~ 黒髪清楚系のキレカワGIRL☆☆ 安定の高リピート率! 黒髪清楚系のMっ子ちゃん♪… https://t.co/9bIoG26znC
RT @AzzamAmeen: India’s Accord Group and Oman’s Ministry of Oil and Gas have signed a $3.85 billion deal to build an oil refinery i… https://t.co/EeopO9rCLu