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RT @Bruichladdich: We never pay for Twitter advertising... Because we spend all our money on good booze and life is just too short. RT… https://t.co/RdcqfzcSB4
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RT @aneripattani: Researchers @PennMedicine & @RutgersU receive $18M to study effects of tobacco product advertising and prevent mist… https://t.co/hJiffgGDUz
RT @ZedTrafficker: 10yrs ago I lost my job in #NHS, when I whistleblew on the board at @TaviAndPort. My dad was dying and my first son… https://t.co/IvXJmQY7js
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@Nick_732 But yeah, it's all about agenda-driven advertising. Nothing whatsoever to do with his open objection to w… https://t.co/jHR9EYIYGS
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RT @Georgina6409: @PeterStefanovi2 There shouldn’t be a “could” about it @jeremycorbyn and @UKLabour get rid and don’t pull a Tory st… https://t.co/D8DQEqwuNB
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@lewis_ritson As if they have done that its free advertising and they should be getting behind a proud local lad. Cant grasp that at all
RT @ZedTrafficker: 10yrs ago I lost my job in #NHS, when I whistleblew on the board at @TaviAndPort. My dad was dying and my first son… https://t.co/IvXJmQY7js
RT @ColinCake64: the advertising for the don't hug me i'm scared and lazy oaf collab was really good https://t.co/HUwtQCS2Nr
3 Key Changes to Facebook Advertising After a Year of Scandal and Regulation https://t.co/hEOOX7EM2d #entrepreneur
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RT @JenniferJJacobs: CHINA sends a message to Trump and Ambassador Branstad by taking over 4 pages of Des Moines Register. Advertising… https://t.co/KJs8ckcwUL
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@VancityReynolds saw A simple favour today -great movie. Love the advertising for aviation gin in the movie.
RT @theseoulstory: GOT7 selected as new advertising models for 'adidas Originals' https://t.co/63yZUNErp3 https://t.co/RCxk8XNj2Q