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RT @mgoldst: 1918: what’s graphic design? 1928: it’s Bauhaus 1938: it’s Swiss 1948: it’s International 1958: it’s advertising 19… https://t.co/M5mmsV3l9z
@nikoalonshit Pwede, uso yan ngayon social media as platform ng advertising 😏
@WowstaX then u should have put (except hyungwonantor) 😤😤😤😤😤 false advertising
Social media advertising is always evolving – just like your audience, your product, and the platforms themselves. https://t.co/R4Fs1Xwn5J
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RT @Modern_panther: @LidlUK I notice that you're advertising on the front page of the Daily Mail. Are you happy to be associated with t… https://t.co/nKXFZ9N3jz
RT @kieranmlkelly: The XRP Community is very strong, ever-growing & we enjoy interacting with each other. We are not tribal, we simply… https://t.co/j9ObQ9pvQY
RT @ThatUmbrella: So here we have a Marvel rep, a dude that is supposedly in advertising for Shadowline, and on trashing consumers as… https://t.co/0SIYSNFO1w
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As the campaign progressed, more and more money was allocated to digital advertising (not only Facebook but also Go… https://t.co/V1fXGAnmfB
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RT @patrick_kidd: @RobDotHutton @ShippersUnbound Reminds me of the story about Labour’s advertising company in 97 buying a poster sit… https://t.co/AhnOj2shsx
RT @EmmaKennedy: Interesting. Trump campaign cancelled advertising after getting that stolen data? But of course they did. https://t.co/b8MgUbdtmm
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@MauveMemory @sohanjain12 There's no stopping. Either you leave the internet world ( Which i think, isn't possible… https://t.co/JBL7EHNwL5
RT @CoindWild: Advertising in cybersport Classic sport gradually recedes into the background and cybersport becomes more and more… https://t.co/JPF5KQ0yNZ
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The senior executives of a rather large corporate advertising agency will be temporally on the Internet and therefo… https://t.co/EOCJuWx79h