24 Episodes Hero Kiefer Sutherland Creates Nuisance After Boozing

This Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner TV hunk is best known for his portrayal of Jack Bauer on 24 episodes. Now, when the show is one the verge of cancellation and a movie is in the air, this guy seems pretty careless for his image as well as career.click here to download 24 episodesVery recently, Kiefer Sutherland was put in a headlock and booted out of a London strip club shirtless. During an evening of drinking with his mates, he was dragged out of the club by the security guards after the man get into it with somebody inside the club. The bouncers grabbed a shirtless Kiefer Sutherland and threw him out of the door. Here goes a statement from an insider He went bananas, shouting nonsense and dancing like (U.K. soccer star) Peter Crouch before kicking off when asked to leave. Well, there are no statements from him or his representatives.Let me tell you all that 24 TV show is running with its eighth and final season. The season finale is to be aired on May 24, 2010 and after its airing, there will be no more 24 episodes. Actually, the creators have decided to shut down the series so that they can focus on the movie version of the show. The upcoming 24 movie is said to condense the 24-hour time frame into two hours. All fans of the show have set their sights on the upcoming movie. Meanwhile, enjoy 24 season 8 here with us.The fans of 24 TV show can download 24 episodes from this website. Its not only easy but is very safe as well to make 24 download. Get started right now and avail your favorite downloads within minutes only. Keep visiting for latest news about 24 episodes.

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