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RT @_Lakers_4_Life: Jeremy Lamb and a 1st round pick?? https://t.co/BVZ84ZnoH7
@CraftyGamersDen thanks guys! On 1st of March I'll pick a random winner from the Retweets & Follows. U.K entrants only 😊
@Lockedonsports lou williams in return for the golden state 2017 1st rd pick and then and then WE PLAY HIM
Big time play by Peyton Maddox '18 to pick off the runner at 1st to end UVA's rally...Keydets lead 6-5 going into the 8th
@HeadtoHeadRadio Dak would take 1st pick money!!!
@StrikaNation24_ Lou for a 1st round pick straight up
RT @WojVerticaINBAA: The Bulls have agreed to trade Jimmy Butler to the Celtics for Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, & a 2017 1st round pick.
RT @_Lakers_4_Life: Jeremy Lamb and a 1st round pick?? https://t.co/BVZ84ZnoH7
@Brandt_Anderson @GrantTBS @LeRon_8 @Sadiepyne If Kuzma gives 1 more yr, has a shot at 1st round pick.
Ya'll 1st round pick and take Mosgov.. tell em' Uncle Magic. https://t.co/exUcqtCHmu
@FoxBusiness @KenPaxtonTX His opinion doesn't matter until after May 1st. Then he gets to pick what he wants from commisary.
@BenHayes212 I'm not touching that 1st round pick unless the deal is unbelievable. This draft is way too good to give the pick away
@petehelland @mgoolsby what's crazy is his success in business just allowed him to endowed DB coach position who was a former 1st rd pick.
@brosales12 Best case scenario we get Charlotte top 8 or so protected pick for Lou & Utah's 1st for Nick
@TheDonaldGeeNBA @ChrisBHaynes @ESPNSteinLine How about they take Mozgov, or Deng, and we get Lamb, 1st round pick, batum or Gilchrist?
Jeremy Lamb and a 1st round pick?? https://t.co/BVZ84ZnoH7
@LegionHoops @daldridgetnt just give us a 1st round pick and u got a deal
Stairway To Seven TONIGHT at 6:50! We pick the 1st #Zeppelin song, you pick the 2nd. Text ZEP & your song request t… https://t.co/hi8Li7HK2S
@alenramic03 At least a 1st round pick. Maybe a young player added on if teams get desperate
@Kroeger @QCHblog if Cho trades our 1st rd pick for Lou Williams, he should be fired on the spot
@WolfManNYI @bretamanger @BDGallof @scarmozzinoBiz If Colorado was willing to take Hamonic, Nelson and 1st pick for Duchene, he'd be here.
Nets tryna trade Lopez. Celts should grab him. All the want is a 1st and 2nd pick
@MIKEYBRONCO a 1st round pick for a guy who comes off the bench.. 🤔
RT @MillerTimePod: Paul, I went out and traded a future 1st for a former Top 3 pick! I want to introduce you to Trent Richardson. *cou… https://t.co/Ge0L6ip6Qw