RT @DTSB_98: - Andersen could have been better - AM34 having 2 pts means nothing - Marner is elite - Zaitsev finished the serie… https://t.co/sKIrwFeD4P
RT @InfoManu: Saliendo con esas 2 banderas argentinas... 😢 (me entró un Manu Ginobili en el ojo) https://t.co/Qy10FRvDRa
RT @JhulimelightCV: ATTENTION💡 @merch_giveaways said that if i get 500rts on this in 2 weeks,she'll buy me this: HELP A GIRL OUT PLEASE… https://t.co/bydZ1MhMLf
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@sweetkaspbrak coOcOoOoocOoo (i luv u 2 in pigeonese ;) ) https://t.co/w8CKjpZpp9
@_SudhirChaudhry @swamiprashanta इन कांग्रेस्सियो ने सिर्फ गिनती के 2-4 लोगो का महिमामंडन किया। भगत सिंह, आज़ाद, ज… https://t.co/6nKdJHrsrE
RT @desaferrada: ¿¿¿¿Cómo 2 personas pueden llevarse tan bien y chocar tanto al mismo tiempo???? Pregunta seria
RT @DaleJr: Proud to announce that our @DIYNetwork show “Renovation Realities: Dale Jr. & Amy” will premiere on Saturday, June… https://t.co/5Q1SPaM15b
RT @Nicky2x1: Nah in NY, you live in 3 places: 1) Long Island 2) The city 3) Upstate If you don’t live in the fir… https://t.co/WXZad04tH7
RT @joaoamoedonovo: Sobre as empresas estatais: ✅Muitas dão prejuízo e quem paga a conta somos nós. ✅São estratégicas apenas para algun… https://t.co/YCnK782sGA
RT @OPERAGUA: Los equipos Vactor de OPERAGUA se encuentran en los sitios atendiendo encharcamientos en la zona de Bosques de More… https://t.co/dPP7ylQyhz
RT @durundurun_dj: 5월 3일에 열리는 제54회 백상예술대상에 두준이가 시상자로 참석한다고 합니다-! 제54회 백상예술대상은 5월 3일 오후 9시30분 서울 코엑스 D홀에서 개최되며 JTBC와 JTBC2·JTBC4에서 생방송될… https://t.co/lSOmaflLEy
RT @thetvjp: 【フォロー&リツイートでプレゼント】 アニメ「#少年アシベ GO!GO!ゴマちゃん」に出演する #東山奈央 さんの サイン入りチェキを2名様にプレゼント! 応募方法は 1)このアカウントをフォロー 2)この投稿をリツイート 締切… https://t.co/E7u1R7k1Q8
RT @penguins: The stage is set. Let the games begin. Round 2 schedule info: https://t.co/o3nFXQDLzX https://t.co/qYmvpY3ngz
RT @PRADACCIA: Things women shouldn’t have to apologize for: 1. Having our periods. 2. Sexual preference. 3. Putting work first.… https://t.co/SYJ9NuVHdQ
RT @lightmylife56: “BAEKHYUN BIRTHDAY PROJECT PART 2” from EXO-L Thailand ✨MRT LED Advertisements✨ 📍Duration: 1-31 May 2018 📍Location… https://t.co/cDon3yUMW2
@IrisSensei 1. why are there foot prints on your car seats 2. why would you pick red
RT @Guinan2017: This is outrageous! My elderly mother already pays pays over 1/2 of her income on a rent subsidized apartment. What… https://t.co/9KLs4INt7V
RT @sutasinee_st: พระอาทิตย์ดวงที่ 2 ของคูมแม่ รักหนูที่สุดเลยลูก #รณรงค์อนุรักษ์สิ่งมีชีวิตตัวเล็กๆที่เรียกว่าจีมิน https://t.co/RggNXKp6JN
13 New MDA Grants Totaling $2.6 Million Push for More Progress https://t.co/Jd6hmrYh3p
that acting funny shit is dead 2 me.
RT @SEPalmeirense: 2 mil calando 40 mil na Bombonera. Essa é a torcida do Palmeiras!